Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Costume Contests.

I enjoy Halloween. As bad as I might be at coming up with good costumes I certainly enjoy a good one. I can appreciate those people who can come up with something original and put it together. I even enjoy the regular old costumes you can buy at all the Halloween stores. As long as you’re dressing up and having a good time I'm on board. But know your limits people.

Every year all the bars have Halloween costumes for all of those who have dressed up. Some bars offer credit off your tab and others just give you straight up cash. All in good fun.

All in good fun until the voting starts and you realize that there are people out there who feel that their old lame costume is good enough to enter into competition. Like I said, have fun but know your limits.

Did you really think that your Horny Devil outfit was going to get the gold? A couple of horns and a plastic pitch fork and you think you got the stuff to compete with the homemade Edward Scissorhands? Get that weak shit out of here. The last costume that’s going to take home the prize is a "Hippie" costume sir. Your long wig, beads and peace sign necklace are sure to make the crowd feel that you really brought the spirit of the competition home.

The beat down comes into play when the crowd is forced to sit there as each costume is called up to the stage to show what they got. Most of the time this is the best part. You get to see all the great costumes that you can only really catch glimpse of through the crowded bar. But when I have to sit through countless costumes that are not even close to being competitive I get annoyed.

Yes Dear Reader, I know that I sound like a rambling Halloween costume contest snob. Like every year I go to a random bar with a note pad on Halloween night and act like I'm the equivalent of the New York Times food critic. It's not that. Like I said I enjoy all the costumes. I just think they aren’t all competition material. It would be similar to me being able to do a nice little cartwheel. Not great form but you can tell what it is I'm doing. That doesn’t mean I'm going to take that cartwheel skill and lay it on some judges in a competition. Why waste their time?

Now, if I could make that cartwheel really slutty.......that’s a different story.


NatalieCottrell said...

Duuuuuude, you need to make a Zagat guide for Halloween costumes. Do it! I am an evil genius!!

Graygrrrl said...

I could not agree more! Our bar always had a contest and the varying levels of creativity was amazing! I won ONCE and I had to paint myself black and white (for best possible effect) as Miho from "Sin City". Sorry, lady in Halloween t-shirt. You gotta wake up pretty early to think that's going to win.