Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lets face it....meth is just trashy.

So I've been thinking lately. How did meth get so popular? I mean I know it's cheap and relatively easy to make. But come on! What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of meth? I'm hoping it's not places where you can buy Sudafed in bulk. I'm 94% sure its something to do with horrible "meth mouth", a trailer park, or perhaps a mullet. My point being this. How can something so trashy still be so popular with the masses?

It's not like cocaine. There haven't been any movies made about the rise of an immigrant who comes to this country and builds a huge meth empire. Can you picture Al Pacino sitting at his desk with a huge pile of meth in front of him doing whatever it is you do with meth? I can't, because you wouldn't be able to fit that desk into most trailer houses. Don't get me wrong, I have don't anything against trailer houses, I've lived in a few. But you never hear about meth being made in a nice brick two story.

Listen, I'm not saying that there are really any drugs that deserve to be glorified. But meth is easily the trashiest drug out there. I know there is some chemistry that goes into making meth, but as far as I'm concerned meth might as well be made by the magical bond formed from cousins marrying each other.

So when that moment comes in your life that someone offers you meth, or if you even just come up with the idea yourself, think about the fact that you are about to literally do the trashiest drug known to man. Then ask yourself if you would be ok with wearing a mullet, or if your a lady, would you be OK with having a guys name or some sort of animal tattooed on your boob. If you answer yes to those questions enjoy the meth. Also, go ahead and say goodbye to your teeth, they will be leaving you shortly after your self-respect.